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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dodgers Salaries

With the lineup and rotation pretty much set, I don't expect the Dodgers to do much more during the off season except a couple more spring training invitees. So here's the salary for the Dodger players in 2008 taken from ESPN.

1. Jason Schmidt15,703,946
2. Andruw Jones14,000,000
3. Rafael Furcal13,730,196
4. Jeff Kent9,814,117
5. Derek Lowe9,500,000
6. Nomar Garciaparra8,516,697
7. Brad Penny8,000,000
8. Esteban Loaiza7,500,000
9. Juan Pierre7,500,000
10. Takashi Saito1,000,000
11. Joe Beimel912,500
12. Gary Bennett850,000
13. Scott Proctor445,923
14. Yhency Brazoban395,000
15. Jason Repko395,000
16. Jonathan Broxton390,000
17. Russell Martin387,500
18. Andre Ethier387,500
19. Chad Billingsley384,500
20. Hong-Chih Kuo384,000
21. Matt Kemp383,000
22. Wilson Valdez381,000
Total Team Salary: 108,704,524

The Dodgers rank 6th in salary behind Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, White Sox and Angels. Taking a look at this figure, I simply have to smile about the future of the Dodgers. Obviously, the Dodgers overpaid for a lot of veterans who are past their prime, yet the future looks extremely bright. As the salaries of the veterans on top come off the books, the Dodgers will have plenty of money to improve the club through free agent signings. Furthermore, since the Dodgers farm system is so stacked with talent, we won't need to worry about not having money to lock out our young players because there will always be cheap talent coming through the farm. Through it all, all the bad signings have been negated, at least in terms of effect on the payroll, by the efficiencies of the Dodgers farm system. The future looks bright.


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Ethan Michaels said...

Which of those guys are coming off the books either after 2008 or 2009? Cause you're right, the Dodgers have a very bright future. And if they free up some money to sign another top-notch piece, they could make a series run at the WS.

Ethan Michaels