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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Schmidt throws off mound!!

Breaking News! Breaking News! Jason Schmidt throws off a mound!! Just as we thought he was going to be another Darren Dreiford, he proves us wrong! okay maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but I am rather hopeful for a full Schmidt recovery. I don't think he'll be able to return to his ace form, but I think he'll make a solid 4 or 5 pitcher with the Dodgers. If Schmidt can fully recovery and post a era in the low 4s, then the Dodgers will definitely have one of the best rotations in all of the National League (too bad the other great rotations are in the National League West too). Here's to hoping Schmidt fully recovers and can contribute to the Dodgers this year!!

In other news, Mark Hendrickson signs a one year contract with the Marlins. All i can say about his tenure with the Dodgers is that he was decent out of the bullpen. But with the addition of Kuroda and the hopeful return of Brazoban and rising stars in Meloan, there simply isn't a place for Hendrickson anymore. Now the Dodgers just need to sign Beimel and Sweeney, then it would be an A+ off season in my opinion.

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