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Friday, February 1, 2008

Megatrade affecting the Dodgers?

Since Johan Santana was traded to the Mets and the deal is officially final, I will try to explore on some of the implications this has on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Personally, I don't see this affecting the Dodgers too much during the regular season because the likely hood of them facing Santana is 2 to 3 times max, but this could become a major hurdle for the post season (yes, I do expect the Dodgers to get into the post season). First off, as I have stated in my previous posts, I feel that Santana is the best pitcher in baseball. He has devastating stuff and a high baseball IQ. Furthermore, he has the ability to simply dominate a game and single handedly win a game for a team. If the Dodgers happen to meet the Mets in the post season, I feel that this acquisition will greatly benefit the Mets because no matter how good the Dodger's pitching staff is, they have no one who is on the caliber that Santana is. Nevertheless, I feel this trade is good for the National League as a whole because it's bringing in more and better talent to the National League, which for years has lagged behind the American League. I'll be looking forward to the Dodgers playing against the Mets when Santana is pitching.

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