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Monday, November 19, 2007

Erik Bedard?

According the Yahoo news, the Dodgers are discussing a trade with the Orioles in regard to Erik Bedard. The Dodgers will be offering a trade package centered around Matt Kemp. Of course, Kemp would not be the only player sent to the Orioles if they trade goes through but if the price is right I feel that this would be a great trade for the Dodgers. With any trade for a top end talent, the Dodgers will have to give up some great prospects but I feet that Bedard would be worth the price if the Dodgers do not need to give away too many of their top end prospects. Bedard is one of the up and rising pitchers in the major leagues. Last year, he posted 221 strike outs in 182 innings despite pitching in only 28 games. This fact gives him a 10.93 k/9 ratio which is exceptional for any pitcher. He also limited opposing batters to a .212 average while posting an ERA of 3.17. These numbers show that Bedard definitely have cy young potential written all over him. Furthermore, he has two more years until he hits free agency, which means that the Dodgers would be able to afford him for a cheap price. Assuming that the Dodgers do not resign Derek Lowe when he hit free agency at the end of next year because of age and the price, the Dodgers will need another front end pitcher to replace him in the rotation.

Furthermore, the price for Bedard is bound to be less than the price for Cabrera. If the Dodgers can get him by without giving up Loney, Martin, Kershaw, Billingsley or Broxton then I say the Dodgers should definitely do the trade. By trading Kemp, the Dodgers will open up a position in the outfield which will solve the problem of a log jam if they sign any one of the three gold glove center fielders on the market this year ( Torri Hunter, Aaron Rowand, Andruw Jones). Personally I would prefer the Dodgers sign Torri Hunter who could probably be had with a 5 year $75-$80 million contract. Hunter not only brings his bat but also brings his experience and leadership. That's exactly what the Dodgers need right now in their young club house. With Torre guiding the club through his coaching and Hunter leading the club through his actions, the young players who were described as "arrogant" will definitely be humbled. Eith these moves, I feel that the Dodgers could significantly improve the club without mortgaging too much of the future. With Kershaw and Elbert (if he recovers well from surgery) coming up in the minors, the Dodgers future looks great.

If the Dodgers make those moves, then they will have a lineup of:

Furcal SS
Pierre LF
Martin C
Hunter CF
Kent 2B
Loney 1B
Ethier RF
LaRoach/Garciaparra 3B

Wiht the rotation of: Penny, Lowe, Bedard, Billinsley and Loaiza/ Schmidt

This could potentially solve all of the problems the Dodgers had in the past year. With Hunter the Dodgers have a legitimate 30 home run threat in their lineup batting cleanup. Furthermore, with the maturation of Loney, who I believe can hit 25 home runs next year, and Martin and Ethier, who I believe can hit 20 home runs each, the Dodgers will not longer be a team that have to depend upon constant prayer to get a long ball. With the addition of Bedard, the Dodgers have a great front 4 in their rotation. If Schmidt can come back in decent condition, he will be able to win a lot of games in the number 5 slot in the rotation. With Chan Ho Park, Loaiza and Kuo, the Dodgers have a decent amount of depth especially since Kershaw and McDonald are coming up the minors fast. Personally, I think the Dodgers could be serious contenders in the National League with or without this trade but with this trade, they become one of the top contenders for the World Series.

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xeifrank said...

Of these (Loney, Martin, Kershaw, Billingsley or Broxton) players, my guess is that only Kershaw is available in a Miguel Cabrera trade scenario.

vr, Xei