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Saturday, November 17, 2007

First Pierre, now Rowand

Apparently, Ned Colletti has a fettish for overpaying for center fielders. Dodgers and Rowand have expressed mutual interest with Rowand seeking a long term $15 million a year deal with a complete no trade clause. On one hand getting Rowand would improve the Dodgers both defensively and offensively as Rowand is a gold glove center fielder and hit more home runs last year than any Dodger player. His veteran leadership and good character will also help out the often described as "quiet" Dodger club house. But on the other hand, getting Rowand but create more problems with the Dodgers logjamed outfield and would be a waste of money.

The Dodgers already have three major league outfielders in Ethier, Kemp and Pierre. Jason Repko is rehabbing from his injury suffered last year and there is also Young in the minors. With five available outfielders on the club, why would the Dodgers want to overpay for another outfielder who is just getting the benefit of the market. Personally, I think if Colletti just let the outfield crew of Ethier, Pierre and Kemp play for one full season together, then the Dodgers would be getting a lot more production from the outfield than last year. Furthermore, I see Ethier as a solid contact hitter with 20 homerun potential throughout the course of a whole season with consistent play. With Ethier, Kemp and Loney, the Dodgers should be getting more power just from their cost efficient young kids. There no point to overpay for a power bat if the kids are going to provide that. If the Dodgers are so worried about the center field defense, then they should just move Pierre to right and Kemp to center. This way the Dodgers can save money up to sign Johan Santana when he becomes a free agent.


illUSiONSHADOW said...

guess who! :]

Xeifrank said...

Welcome to the Dodger blogging community. Please feel free to recipricate the link. I agree with Rowand being a waste of money, unless there is a deal to move Pierre to another team altogether. There is no way you want Pierre in right field with his weenie arm, perhaps a move to LF. He can play LF, but his weakness at the plate is then magnified.

vr, Xeifrank

Joyce Chiao said...

I don't think the dodgers should trade matt kemp for eric bedard, lets face it matt kemp is a very rare talent who is not only a tremendous hitter (342. avg in first year against big league pitching) but he also has great power and speed. The power being a thing desperately needed by the powerless lineup, and keep in mind kemp is still very young and has his prime power years ahead of him. Not only that but he has a strong arm!! Now when we take a look at Eric Bedard he is 7 years older than Bedard has yet to throw 200 innnings in a season and is coming off a career year, is now really the time to trade for him when you can be sure the oriloes will be asking for a alot? And o yea it was rumored that matt kemp was a part of the "package" deal for Eric Bedard, Do we really need to give them much more?