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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Goodbye Boras

Kenny Roger just fired Scott Boras as his agent. This coming after the whole A-Rod debacle for Boras might just bring down his facade of invincibility. Sure, Boras still has many high ranked agents but this is one of the first times in recent history (aside from the Andruw Jones incident) that a player actually stood up to Boras (twice in a week actually). With this, I think it is a big plus to GMs who often get outmaneuvered by Boras by paying ridiculous contracts to players who do not deserve it. Just look at Zito, he's going to be rich man but he's not going to win a ring with the Giants. I feel that this whole situation is a plus especially if the Dodgers wants to go after Andruw Jones who just happens to be represented by Boras. The weakness exposed in Boras's image should be used to the Dodger's advantage.

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